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Mabee Center | Tulsa, Oklahoma

Anne Wilson

Faithful disciples out there, attune your hearts for an evening of renewal, prosperity, and health. The Anne Wilson is set to be hosted at the astounding Mabee Center on Thursday 12th September 2024 for fans searching deep connections this coming fall. Voices will echo, and spirits will rise at the most sacred event of the year - it really is an assembly of hearts and collective devotion. Nothing grandiose, just a genuine ceremony with the glee of fostering unity as we eagerly await God’s bountiful blessings that are to arrive.

Save the date and gather as one to witness the might of faith and community in a destination that goes beyond your usual place. Your Thursday is about to turn solemn at the Mabee Center stage in Tulsa, as it delivers the calmest lighting paired with the most pristine speakers to improve everyone’s worship experience. Delay not a second more - it’s time to secure your seats for Anne Wilson at Mabee Center on Thursday 12th September 2024, by hitting the “Get Tickets” link above!

On Thursday 12th September 2024, feel both the force of intercessions and the therapeutic energy of music of Anne Wilson, arriving at the smashing Mabee Center. Heading out on its highly anticipated tour that spreads through the entire U.S., this life-changing experience will no doubt leave you feeling inspired and poised to face any situation that lies ahead!

If you're aching for true bonds, encouragement, and a revived sense of direction, this event is your key. Count on us, this is your opportunity to connect and strengthen existing bonds on a satisfying Thursday this coming fall.
Anticipate the healing tones of talented Christian singers, from popular worship songs to heartfelt ballads and everything in between. Each act will showcase their unique zeal to the top stage, creating a blessed night overflowing with guidance that dive into on messages of forgiveness and overcoming trials. At the culmination of this night, you’ll be sure to have developed a rejuvenated perspective and a strengthened spirit.

A considerable number of witnesses have mentioned the ineffable feeling of becoming a part of this moment, walking away with a more acute recognition of the divine, now felt more intimately than ever before. “Never have I witnessed such raw emotion and uplifting power in one place. Anne Wilson was a harmonious blend of voices, hearts, and instruments, sculpting a wave of hope that left me breathless. I went in seeking solace but found a newfound strength I didn't know I possessed.”

We're excited to help you spread the word! So, don’t miss the opportunity to invite the closest people to your heart and pass by the Oklahoma stage to partake in a night of adoration. Don’t worry, the vibe at the smashing Mabee Center is welcoming, serving as an avenue for the most authentic connections. Embrace the movement and start reigniting your spirit - reserve your passes to Anne Wilson LIVE on Thursday 12th September 2024 today!

Anne Wilson at Mabee Center

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